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    A selection of crafts activities for you to try too!

    Reading Comprehension - Non Fiction     

     Adaptable reading comprehension activities, worksheets, posters and quizzes based on information texts.

    Reading Comprehension - Fiction

    Adaptable reading comprehension activities and worksheets including story sequencing, quizzes and character profile.

    Take a look at this free resource from Aquila Children's Magazine full of fun articles, puzzles, quizzes and experiments including science, history, maths, art, music, DT, philosophy, PSHE and animals.

    Here are some super ideas to inspire some creative writing!

    Pick one to inspire a story!


    - Draw a front cover for your story 

    - Share your story with a family member

    A selection of mapping activities, including OS map symbols and co-ordinates. 

    After practising, can you make a map of your garden, local area or even an imaginary place? Can you add on the correct OS map symbols? 

    A wide range of reading books for ages 3-11. 

    An email address is needed to access the e-books. The books can be searched for via age range. There are also activities attached to some of the books. 

    Here's a list of 20 discounted or free resources for home learning. Some are exclusively for schools but many are for everyone. Make the most - some of these offers are only for a few months! 

    Use the rainbow word lists to practise your spelling and sight reading skills!

    - The 'rainbow word lists information sheet' explains which words you should be practising and suggests ways that you could do this.

    - Choose the correct word lists - think about words that you are practising in reading and spelling sessions. 
    Feel free to move on to the next list when you feel you are ready!

    - Choose spelling activity cards to complete - you may recognise these from our spelling sessions in school. 

    Information regarding Home Learning activities.

    Ideas and activities to help you to practise a range of important learning skills. 

    Some helpful links to help you with your RE learning. Enjoy!

    Here you'll find a range of links and activities for you to complete and learn all about our new Geography based topic - Mighty Mountains!

    We will be learning all about Mountains, Volcanoes and Earthquakes.

    To help you with our History learning, here's some links to some interesting websites, games and activities about life in Ancient Egypt.

    Have a go at this game against the clock! Do you know your times tables at speed?

    Can you then have a go at using the division facts?

    Give yourself a daily ten minute mental maths work out! You can change the level of difficulty and the area of maths you would like to focus on. 

    Build a shape and then count around the edge - can you calculate the perimeter? 

    Practise your money skills with this selection of online money games. This is an excellent chance to revise our recent work on money. 

    Lots of fun maths games! 

    Have a look at this bitesize link which will help you use commas in sentences.

    Have a look at this bitesize activity to help you with using apostrophes for contractions.

    How many questions can you answer in 3 minutes? Go over any that you find difficult. Good luck x

    Using the skills you have practised in class, try sketching one of Rousseau's paintings. If you have a garden, or some house plants, try sketching what you see in the style of Rousseau.  

    Remember, Henri Rousseau never visited the jungle but became a world-famous artist known for his jungle paintings! 

    Listen to some of these fables.  Can you identify the moral?  Where is the fable set?

    Try to write a fable of your own.  Perhaps swap the animals or try a different setting.  Include speech (inverted commas), lots of expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials.

    Watch the BBC clip about deforestation in the Amazon rainforest.  Using knowledge from the clip and what you know from class, design a poster showing both positive and negative effects of deforestation.

    Have a look at these two different websites to help you with your times table learning. 

    Tommy's Trek is really fun - it a favourite of 4D! 

    Have a try at these 'quick fire' times tables. Try to improve your score each time.  Note the calculations you find tricky and practise for next time. This activity is set out like the times-tables check later in Y4.

    The story begins with a mysterious egg washed up on a Scottish beach, the morning after a great storm. Kirstie and her brother Angus find the egg and take it home. The next day it has hatched into a tiny greeny-grey creature with a horse's head, warty skin, four flippers and a crocodile's tail.


    Here you will find the link to the daily White Rose Maths videos to go alongside the worksheets we have provided for you.

    In year 5, we have started looking at Keith Haring's art work. You might recognise his work from the Change for Life adverts!

    Challenge yourself and see how many questions you can get correct in the time limit.

    We all need a superhero in our lives, whether that's someone around you, someone doing an amazing job somewhere or even yourself! Enjoy this superhero project.
    You will need: creativity [ ] 
                           fun [ ]

    Starting on Monday (23/03/20), Joe Wicks is putting on a 30 minute PE workout video for children to complete every day. Tune into his youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxW1XT0iEJo0TYlRfn6rYQ 

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